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OFweek 2017 China 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and 2016 Annual Industry Awards Ceremony

On 7 March 2017, OFweek 2017 China 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Industry Award Ceremony is organized by high-tech industry portal OFweek and hosted by 3dprint.ofweek.com, Nanjing Normal University and a number of domestic and foreign industry institutions in The Radiss..
Establishment of Materialise - Nanjing Normal University 3D Printing Joint Training Center

On 23 March 2017, Nanjing Normal University and Materialise, the world''''s leading 3D printing software solution provider, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Professor Yang Jiquan, dean of NARI School of Electrical and Automation Engineering of Nanjing Normal University and lab di..
Nanjing 3D digital industry cooperation and exchange conference

To promote the innovation and development of 3D digital industry technology, create a public entrepreneurship and creation in a good situation. Sponsored by the Committee of science and technology of Nanjing, the District government of Nanjing Gulou , Nanjing Ci..
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  Wednesday at 3:00 pm
Laboratory regular meeting
All teachers and students attend
  Laboratory Relocation
Zijin to Xianlin
All teachers and students attend
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·3D-Printing for coarctation of the aorta
·Fused deposition modeling
·What is the 3DP Process?
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·Building Printing
·Equipment for Color digital 3D Printing
·Equipment for UV curing 3D Printing
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·Development Plan
·Technical Cooperation with Enterprises
·Long-term cooperations
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·Published Some Article
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